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Poubelle Couloir

Lorne: Halfway down Poubelle in the nicest section of snow

Location: Grands Montets to Montenvers
Snow: Some crusty, some firm, some good
Weather: Bluebird but windy

With no significant new snow and all of the resort runs heavily tracked, Jan suggested giving Grand Montet’s Poubelle Couloir a crack today.  Poubelle is the obvious fenced-off couloir immediately in front of the Bochard gondola top station and is a real Chamonix classic,… [continue reading]

…And Back To Nasty Snow

Graham & Jan: Making the most of conditions (Lavancher)

Location: Grands Montets
Snow: Very tracked-out off piste
Weather: Bluebird

What a difference a day makes.  Yesterday’s new snow is now very tracked, so we only managed a couple of laps today before heading home and calling this a “rest day”.  Top Bin was running first thing, but with massive queues and yesterday’s reports of “OK” conditions up there we… [continue reading]

Normal Service Resumes

Jan: Sending (Lavancher Bowl)

Location: Grands Montets
Snow: 20-25cm fresh powder, wind-affected in places
Weather: Mostly cloudy

Things have been pretty warm in the valley for the past four days, but with temperatures dropping yesterday and a lot of rain in town we headed to Grand Montets early this morning with hopes of fresh snow up high.  Arriving at the access chairlift at 9.00am… [continue reading]

Christmas Skiing

Graham: Unimpressed with snow conditions (Cornu)

Location: Brevent
Snow: Refrozen rain crust
Weather: Warm and cloudy

Not the best Christmas skiing ever, but still an OK day.  Starting off with the traditional pancake breakfast at Colin’s house, we headed up Brevent in poor light for a few cruisy laps.  Unfortunately the rain and refreeze had caused everything to stay very hard and icy, so 3 runs… [continue reading]

Nasty snow

Lorne: Birthday turns (Herse)

Location: Grands Montets
Snow: Heavy & rain-crusted
Weather: Very warm, cloudy, some wind

It was raining all of last night in town, but being my birthday it was only right to head as high as possible and try to get some good turns in.  Unfortunately the weather forecast got it right this time and it had rained to around 2500m… [continue reading]

Turned out nice again

Lorne: Drop (Tete de Balme)

Location: Le Tour
Snow: 20-30cm fresh powder, wind-packed in places
Weather: Hazy cloud early on, getting cloudier and windier later

Opening day for Chamonix’s remaining ski areas!  With clouds forcast for today we hit Le Tour since the trees would provide some contrast in flat light, and once again it seems like we made the right decision.  Arriving at the… [continue reading]

Deep In Italy

Graham: Blind drop through tight trees (Val Veny)

Location: Courmayeur
Snow: Deep & fresh
Weather: Bluebird

With the weather forecast for blue skies, we made the trip through to Courmayeur today instead of battling the crowds at Grands Montets.  We were initially turned away from the tunnel access road at the Pelerins roundabout due to avalanche control, but looping back around from the Les Houches side of the… [continue reading]

Trees For Lunch

Webcam capture (Grands Montets)

Location: Grands Montets
Snow: 25-35cm fresh but heavy powder
Weather: Poor visibility, moderate snowfall, some wind, quite warm

* I forgot my camera , so a webcam shot of Grands Montets is all you get today, sorry!

Boax work is hectic at the moment, so I could only manage a few runs on GM today with the boys from Foot… [continue reading]

Powder & Sun

Lorne: Drop (Funispace)

Location: Verbier
Snow: 30-40cm fresh on an OK base but some rocks showing
Weather: Bluebird

I missed a trip to Courmayeur yesterday having been catching up on work, so today with Grands Montets maybe a little wind-affected we headed to Verbier just to ski somewhere different.  Driving over the col towards Martigny, the road and trees were much more snowy… [continue reading]

Not Bad, Not Great

Magic Forest

Location: Grands Montets
Snow: 40-50cm powder (one day old)
Weather: Dry with very flat light

With work commitments/lack of enthusiasm from the usual ski partners, I headed up Grand Montets on my own today (hence no ski photos) for some early laps.  The light was very flat, meaning the Magic Forest was the only area worth skiing, and despite the… [continue reading]

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