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Atomic Ritual Ski Review

Atomic Ritual: View from Flegere across the Chamonix Valley

Location: Flegere
Snow: Perfect pistes, off-piste crusty up high and heavy lower down
Weather: Mostly cloudy

There has been no significant new snow in a week now so current options are limited to touring, park or just cruising around.  With today’s forecast for cloudy conditions, any touring and park were out of the question so I went for a cruise… [continue reading]

Just A Short One

Lorne: Slash above Les Praz

Location: Brevent/Flegere
Snow: Mostly hard & bumpy or crusty, but some nice untouched pockets
Weather: Overcast, very flat light

Just a few quick runs today, as the light was very flat so visibility was poor. Robbie and I had a run off the back of Cornu to start with; some snow to the skier’s-left of the piste was OK to… [continue reading]

Back To The Park

Lorne: 540 (missed grab)

Location: Grand Montets
Snow: Hardpacked pistes
Weather: High cloud, then thick cloud

After yesterday’s big day, Jan and I fancied some easy park laps so headed to Grands Montets for 12 noon today.  The weather was forecast for mostly clouds, but on arriving things were pretty sunny.  After just 4 or 5 laps the clouds rolled in very quickly bringing… [continue reading]

Col Du Passon Variation

Lorne: Deep sugary snow down to Montroc

Location: Grands Montets to Montroc
Snow: Variable!  Some wind-affected, some nice powder, some sugary
Weather: Some high clouds

Today was the longest ski day I’ve had this year.  Probably the longest in a few years actually.  Plans had come together to ski a variation of the Col Du Passon descent (towards Montroc instead of the usual route to Le Tour)… [continue reading]

Lazy Park Day

GM kickers all to myself

Location: Grands Montets
Snow: Firm on piste, still OK off piste
Weather: Bluebird above the clouds with just a few scattered clouds

There were a few plans going around for touring today but I really wasn’t in the mood so a few easy park laps were in order.  It was cloudy in town this morning but the webcams showed blue… [continue reading]

Emosson Dam

Graham: Scoping options towards Barberine Couloir

Location: Emosson Dam
Snow: Some powder, some crust
Weather: Hazy cloud

A plan had come together to ski Barberine Couloir today via Emosson Dam from the Swiss side.  So we drove through the border and parked cars near Chatelard to begin the skin towards the dam.  The skin track was a mellow road the whole way, so very easy but… [continue reading]

Plan B: Gros Rognon

Ally: Finding some nice snow midway through the Gros Rognon Vallee Blanche route

Location: Grands Montets/Aiguille Du Midi
Snow: 25cm fresh light powder (GM)/50cm+ (Midi)
Weather: Bluebird, cold, some wind

A bit of a shit-show today and an inaccurate weather forecast once again but still another great day in the bag.  Our original plan was to ski Pas De Chevre from Grands Montets to Chamonix in the morning then something off the Midi… [continue reading]

Weatherman Gets It Wrong Again!

Jan: Carving up a storm

Location: Les Houches
Snow: Hardpacked pistes
Weather: Bluebird

Another completely inaccurate forecast from all the major weather reports today, but in Chamonix sometimes that’s just the way things go!  The predicted 25% sunshine turned out to be about 95% sunshine with slightly warm temperatures; perfect touring weather if we’d known, but with the weather forecasts we’d read and a few… [continue reading]

Warmer Temperatures Return

Lorne: Drop in the exit of the couloir off Cornu

Location: Brevent
Snow: Two-day-old powder
Weather: Bluebird

Today was going to be a rest day to let my legs recover and catch up on work, but with the forecast for sun today and clouds tomorrow I got a few hours on Brevent and will take tomorrow off instead.  Temperatures were forecast to be low again, but things turned out to… [continue reading]

Still Cold, Still Fun

Spence: Finding some fresh stashes (Lachenal)

Location: Flegere
Snow: One-day-old-powder, very windpacked in places
Weather: Sun & cloud, but very cold

After yesterday’s temperatures at Grands Montets and even colder conditions forecast, staying in the sun as much as possible was essential today so I took the opportunity to get my first real ride of Flegere this winter.  I’m living near the Brevent base at the… [continue reading]

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