Monthly Archives: March 2013

Nice Snow, Variable Vis

Lorne: Shifty at the top of Lavancher Bowl during a break in the clouds

Location: Grands Montets
Snow: 15-20cm fresh powder on a deep, soft base
Weather: Swinging between full whiteout and full sun

I took a day off yesterday nursing a sore neck from a few heavy landings and while things were looking very wet and gloomy up the hill, and was almost going to take another rest day today when I saw… [continue reading]

Wet & Heavy In The Trees

Lorne: Taking one of the bigger drops in GM's Magic Trees to an OK landing

Location: Grands Montets
Snow: 20-25cm very wet heavy fresh powder
Weather: Heavy snow but warm

I took a rest day yesterday while the weather was overcast and huge snowflakes fell all day, hoping that today would be an amazing tree skiing day, but unfortunately temperatures have been really warm so everything was a bit wet and heavy, but we still… [continue reading]

An Afternoon On Cosmiques

Ally Swinton: Entering the exit of Cosmiques Couloir

Location: Aiguille Du Midi
Snow: Chalky off-piste, some boot-top powder, very heavy lower down
Weather: Bluebird, warm

Today was the only fully sunny day forecast for the Chamonix valley for a while so we thought we’d make the most of it with a few laps of the Midi.  Unfortunately I had some gear issues in the morning and missed the… [continue reading]

Race Skis In Italy

Weapons of choice for today's pistes

Location: Courmayeur
Snow: Perfect soft pistes, off piste OK in places, crusty in others
Weather: Cloud & snow in the morning, bluebird by the end of the day

My parents and sister are visiting La Thuile (Italy) this week so I made the trip through to Courmayeur today to meet up with them there on a day trip.  As soon… [continue reading]

Warm In The Park

Lorne: 540 in Grands Montets park

Location: Grands Montets
Snow: Soft on piste, soft & tracked off piste
Weather: Mostly sun, very warm

Park?  While there’s still decent snow to ride?  I know, I know.  But feeling a bit hungover and pretty tired from another long week of skiing every day while a friend visits, I just wanted an easy day on the hill ahead of… [continue reading]

Still Good On GM

Graham: Huck of the season on the Lavancher drop

Location: Grand Montets
Snow: 30-40cm two-day-old powder with a little fresh on top
Weather: Mostly sunny, warm

It’s been almost 2 weeks since I’ve skied on Grands Montets but we made the trip up today on Scotty’s last day in town to show him around my most-skied area.  We were expecting big crowds and tracked-out slopes but got neither; all… [continue reading]

Bruson Delivers

Lorne: Dropping a lip in Bruson

Location: Bruson
Snow: 15-20cm two-day-old fresh light powder on a firm base
Weather: Mostly overcast, some sun, some snow

It was a tough decision for where to ski today following two of the best days of the year.  We could have headed back to Courmayeur to hope that the top lifts opened, taken a chance of good visibility on GM,… [continue reading]

Best. Day. Ever.

Lorne: Powder slash

Location: Courmayeur
Snow: 60-80cm one-day-old powder, plenty untouched
Weather: Mostly sunny, warm, no wind

Well, maybe not the best day ever but definitely the best day this winter, and top 10 ever thanks to deep untouched snow, fun terrain, a good ski group and perfect weather.

The weather forecast was for variable visibility in Chamonix today so we headed back… [continue reading]

Deep One In Italy

Sandy: Still getting faceshots on the last run of the day

Location: Courmayeur
Snow: 80-100cm fresh heavy powder
Weather: Mostly cloudy with sunny spells

“Deep” pretty much sums up today’s skiing; “too deep” at times!  The weather forecast for the Chamonix valley was looking pretty gloomy last night and I wasn’t sure if there would be enough new snow to fill in the trees here so we headed to Courmayeur instead… [continue reading]

Cruising Les Houches

Scotty: Carving up the lower pistes in softer snow

Location: Les Houches
Snow: Very firm/icy on pistes high up, softer lower down
Weather: Overcast, cold, windy, some snow in the afternoon

Another friend visiting Chamonix this week, which means another busy week on the hill every day regardless of conditions.  Everywhere in the valley looked very overcast this morning on the webcams so Les Houches was the best bet… [continue reading]

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