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Back To Basics

Graham: Drop to mini straightline to high-speed runout (below Canadian Bowl)

Location: Grands Montets
Snow: Soft, very heavy and sticky in places
Weather: Overcast but bright, warm

As predicted, things looked pretty overcast on the webcams this morning.  But with plenty snow on the hill and no work to get through, what were we going to do?  Sit at home?  No; Graham, Fleur and I got ourselves up Grands Montets for… [continue reading]

Bec Des Rosses

Lorne: Near the top of the descent on one of the steeper pitches

Location: Verbier
Snow: Mostly scraped & sluffed, some softer patches, some spring snow
Weather: Bluebird, warm

More nice spring weather was forecast for today and there was talk of a trip to Verbier ahead of it’s all-too-early closing this weekend.  I was keen for some easy piste cruising but Graham had set his sights on the Bec Des Rosses which… [continue reading]

NE Face Of The Courtes

Graham: Finding some nice boot-top powder halfway down

Location: Argentiere Basin
Snow: Some scraped/sluffed, some chalky snow, some boot-top powder
Weather: Bluebird, warm

After a big day of web design work yesterday and barely any food I wasn’t exactly feeling full of energy this morning, but had taken Graham up on his plan last night of skiing the NE face of the Courtes and figured I could bail… [continue reading]

Bad At GM, Worse At Le Tour

Jan & Rach: Skiing home from Le Tour

Location: Grands Montets/Le Tour
Snow: Day-old tracked powder, heavy in places, wind-affected in others
Weather: Some cloud up high, some wind, warm

We were unsure of where to ski today with not much fresh snow overnight and questionable visibility forecast.  In the end, GM seemed the safest bet, for a Top Bin lap or two then whatever else we could… [continue reading]

Powder Returns

Jan: Backflip in the Magic Trees

Location: Grands Montets
Snow: 30-40cm fresh powder on a soft base
Weather: Colder than the past week, mostly cloudy with a few clear spells

Yesterday’s heavy rain turned to snow in town in the afternoon as temperatures dropped, and reports were of heavy snow all day on the hill so we headed up GM for 10am this morning after the… [continue reading]

DPS Wailer 112RP Review

DPS Wailer 112RP ski

Location: Grands Montets
Snow: Soft spring snow
Weather: Bluebird, very warm

The last hot sunny day for the time being, so I got myself up Grands Montets from 12-3pm for some fun cruising on and off-piste in nice soft spring snow.  All of the usual suspects were either working, hungover or doing summer sports (in April?) but I bumped into… [continue reading]

More Sun, More Park

New large feature under construction at the bottom of GM park

Location: Grands Montets
Snow: Very firm at first, softening quickly
Weather: Bluebird

Another hot sunny day in Chamonix, so easy-but-interesting ski tours are still not an option, and with no solid plans from anyone I headed back to the park for 9am …to find it closed.  Luckily after just one long piste lap it opened at 9.30am and things could… [continue reading]

La Vormaine Couloirs

Lorne: Lip to blind landing (Tete De Balme); Graham said "You'll probably take more air than you think", I took more air than I thought

Location: Le Tour
Snow: Firm at first, softening by late-morning
Weather: Bluebird, very warm

With the current weather we’d heard some pretty bad reports of the snow very quickly turning too soft in the heat yesterday, so with high a high avalanche risk today we ditched any touring plans and instead got some sunny resort skiing at Le Tour, hitting… [continue reading]

Park Life

Grand Montet's kickers at 9am; a bit bumpy but fast!

Location: Grands Montets
Snow: Very firm to start with, softening quickly
Weather: Bluebird, no wind, warm

The first day of a long-awaited week of full sun!  High alpine touring would have been a good call for today but with all of my usual partners working or away on trips I just bagged a couple of hours in GM’s park.  In… [continue reading]

Skiing Pow & Drinking Booze

Lorne: Nicest turns of the day (Pylons gully)

Location: Grands Montets
Snow: 20-25cm fresh powder
Weather: Mostly sunny in the morning, cloudier in the afternoon

Bryce’s last day in town, so we made it a good one by hitting Grands Montets pretty early with hopes of sun & fresh powder, and things didn’t disappoint!  The crowds weren’t too bad at all so we were up the Lognan cablecar… [continue reading]

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