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Bumps & Rocks

Graham: Bumps, story of the day (Lavancher Bowl)

Location: Grands Montets
Snow: Very bumpy, some rocks still
Weather: Bluebird, warm

I’ve missed a few good days skiing this week waiting for deliveries, but back on it now.  Still waiting for a big dump of snow but I got up to Grands Montets for a few hours at lunchtime today anyway.

Things weren’t anywhere near as busy as we… [continue reading]

Big Queues, Big Laps

Sandy: Second lap, towards the Rognon

Location: Grands Montets
Snow: 40-50cm powder up high, still thin lower down
Weather: Mostly sunny

Rain/snow continued in the valley through to yesterday evening, and with Grands Montet’s top lift not open yesterday a lot of Chamonix’ population was keen to get up there early today.  I predicted massive queues and OK snow but figured we might as well get… [continue reading]

That’s More Like It

Graham: Pillow gap in the Bertolini trees

Location: Courmayeur
Snow: 30-40cm fresh powder
Weather: Heavy but wet snowfall

There has been not much new snow and poor weather over the past few days so I’ve been catching up on work and enjoying yesterday’s Christmas Day festivities while the snow finally started to fall.  With poor visibility expected today we headed back to Italy with Graham (the sensible… [continue reading]

Rocky In Italy Too

Lorne: Top of Arp

Location: Courmayeur
Snow: Some 30-40cm powder some rocks, pistes variable
Weather: Bluebird

Still waiting for snow in the whole Mont Blanc region, but with a group of us off work today we made the trip through the tunnel to Courmayeur in hope of better snow there and with reports of all lifts open.  After a quick warm-up lap on excellent… [continue reading]

Let It Snow!

Lorne: The first drop of many this winter, on the return to Tete De Balme

Location: Le Tour
Snow: 15-20cm fresh powder on a thin base, some areas wind-scoured/wind-loaded
Weather: Moderate snow, poor visibility

New snow at last, but where to ski today?  Rumours of good conditions in Italy were floating around but that seemed a long way to go for unsure conditions, so it was Le Tour to avoid the Grands Montets crowds and… [continue reading]

No Better, No Worse

Graham: Getting to grips more and more with his new skis above Canadian Bowl

Location: Grands Montets
Snow: Firm pistes, mostly chalky off-piste
Weather: Bluebird, colder

Pretty much the same snow today on Grands Montets, but still another fun day.  The pistes seemed a bit firmer but we knew the good spots to find chalky snow off-piste: above Canadian bowl was the best of the day and far-right of Lavancher Bowl was pretty good… [continue reading]

Making The Most Of Things

Angus: Getting the shot at the top of the Bochard piste

Location: Grands Montets
Snow: Firm pistes, some nice chalky off-piste
Weather: Bluebird, warm

Yes, we badly need some fresh snow.  Yes, I have a lot of work on at the moment.  But does that mean I’m not going skiing?  No way.  A large group formed today for some cruising around Grands Montets on and off-piste around 12.30pm once things had… [continue reading]

Rock Dodging

Sandy: Hazzard marker slalom on the Cornu piste

Location: Brevent
Snow: Pistes firm/icy in the shade and soft in the sun, some rideable off-piste in the shade
Weather: Bluebird, warm

We’re still waiting for real snow to start the winter properly, but instead of whining about it I got up Brevent for its opening day today with Sandy and the Foot Works crew on their lunch break for… [continue reading]

More Pistes, But Good Pistes

Lorne: Getting some nice fast piste turns on the Herse piste with the Chardonnet in the background

Location: Grands Montets
Snow: Firm pistes softening to chalky snow; off piste chalky but bumpy
Weather: Bluebird, warm

The slow start to winter continues, with no significant snow in about two weeks now.  I’ve been really busy for the past week with lots of work and a quick UK trip, but with Scotty having just arrived in town we made… [continue reading]

Back To Italy

Excellent pistes off the Gabba chair

Location: Courmayeur
Snow: Very firm pistes, some off piste still OK where untracked
Weather: Sunny but cold

Sunny skies and no new snow today meant a return trip to Courmayeur to make the most of the pistes which are undoubtedly better than any on offer around the Chamonix valley.  Temperatures had been cold overnight, leaving very firm conditions with some… [continue reading]

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