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Powder Turns For Dave

Lorne: Powder turns, my favourite feeling

Location: Plan de l’Aiguille
Snow: 25cm powder
Weather: Mostly light cloud

It’s been a real rollercoaster of emotions since Dave’s fatal accident this Tuesday.  Wednesday morning is when it really hit me hard and since then talking things through and writing them down has helped me come to terms with what happened, especially explaining things to Dave’s parents, but reading… [continue reading]

RIP David Tapsfield

David Tapsfield as I'll always remember him; stoked on skiing, stoked on life

No blog posts in a few days due to the very sad news that David Tapsfield was involved in a fatal incident while we were preparing to ski the NE face of Mont Buet on Tuesday 25th February 2014. I gave a full police incident report that evening and have spoken to a few journalists today so I feel it… [continue reading]

Lunchtime Laps On The Plan

Graham: Excellent powder far skier's-right of Plan de l'Aiguille

Location: Plan de l’Aiguille
Snow: 20cm powder
Weather: Bluebird, very warm

No-one was out to play this morning so I just got a quick lunchtime ski with Graham today.  We had originally planned to ski Glacier Rond off the top of the Midi but the snow was reportedly very bad on it this morning (wind/sun affected, or maybe just very… [continue reading]

Touring Bail

Robbie: Beginning the ascent from Index

Location: Flegere
Snow: 15-20cm powder, warming up very fast on sunny slopes, natural slides before 11am
Weather: Mostly sunny, very warm

Sunny weather today and the start of another week of school holidays so I got out early with Robbie to ski the Col de la Floria – Col de Berard route off the top of Index (pretty much the… [continue reading]

Flylow Outerwear Review

Flylow is a relatively new ski outerwear brand founded in Colorado with the goal of creating “Freeride apparel for the modern skier” by combining the performance of technical mountaineering clothing with modern freeride features and fit.  This was exactly what I was looking for when shopping for outerwear in autumn 2012 and was stuggling to find from more established brands… [continue reading]

Monts Jovet NW Couloir

Graham: Finding our entrance

Location: Les Contamines
Snow: Soft but grabby on a firm base in the shade, good spring snow in the sun
Weather: Bluebird

Touring season continues.  Graham and I weren’t sure of a good plan for today’s snow but the weather was looking good so we headed to Les Contamines (half an hour from Chamonix) to explore somewhere new.  After looking… [continue reading]

Glacier Du Mort On Foot

Lorne: Starting the Glacier Du Mort descent in untouched snow

Location: Aiguilles Rouges
Snow: 25cm powder in the shade, some windpacked, some crust in the sun, avalanche activity on all aspects
Weather: Mostly sun

More decent weather today and more holiday crowds expected so touring was the only way to go.  Colin suggested Glacier Du Mort last night to try to find similar snow to what we found yesterday on… [continue reading]

Lunchtime Tour

Colin: Dropping in second (Lorne at the bottom)

Location: Aiguilles Rouges
Snow: 20cm powder on shaded slopes, very wet in the sun
Weather: Mostly sunny, warm

School holidays are upon us from now until 16th March so that means either first lifts at the resort then battling crowds for the rest of the day or exploring a bit for quality-over-quantity descents.  My plans to hit Grands Montets early… [continue reading]

Another Wet One

Graham: Slashing the nicer snow on the banks of the couloir

Location: Brevent
Snow: 15cm fresh snow on a wet base, powdery up high but very wet & heavy low down
Weather: Moderate snowfall, sleet at the base, warm

Just two runs at lunchtime today, as things were very very wet up the hill.  Snow had started to fall last night and is still falling outside my window now so as… [continue reading]

GM Park

View from the top of the Grands Montets park

Location: Grands Montets
Snow: Slow in the park, some off-piste wind-affected, some nice and chalky
Weather: Hazy cloud, bright but flat light

Just some easy park laps today with no great weather or snow forecast – I’m riding less and less park each year but it’s still good to have a day here and there and I’m a big believer… [continue reading]

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