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A Change Of Scene

Graham: Thin cover on some pistes but at least the view was good

Location: Les Contamines
Snow: Mostly firm pistes, softening later
Weather: Bluebird

Still waiting for new snow, but it’s coming.  We headed to Les Contamines today to ski their pistes for the first time (now free on Chamonix lift passes all year) just for something different.  Pretty firm conditions especially in the morning and some traffic to dodge but not as… [continue reading]

Christmas Treat

Graham: Smooth, soft snow off the top of the mountain

Location: Grands Montets
Snow: 10cm windblown
Weather: Bluebird

Still no new snow (Santa must not have gotten my letter, I’ve definitely been a good boy this year) but still some decent skiing today with Grands Montets’ top lift now open and not busy at all with a lot of people staying home to celebrate instead of skiing today.  Plenty of… [continue reading]

Good Off/Bad On

Angus: Looking concerned even in a better section of snow

Location: Grands Montets
Snow: Chalky/soft off piste, pistes very firm & scraped
Weather: Light cloud, warm

Another few easy laps today.  Yesterday’s drizzle had topped up the snow off-piste OK and there were some decent sections of chalky soft snow between the top of Bochard and Canadian Bowl.  Meanwhile the pistes were pretty terrifying – very firm and scraped with… [continue reading]


Smoother, chalky snow on the left shoulder of Canadian Bowl

Location: Grands Montets
Snow: Mostly cruddy & bumpy off piste, some chalky; pistes scraped & icy
Weather: Bluebird, warm

Holiday week is upon us, but luckily after last December a lot of holidaymakers have realised that Chamonix is rubbish when there’s not much snow so it’s not as busy this year as it has been previously.

Just a few quick… [continue reading]

Herse Laps

Angus: Slash above Argentiere

Location: Grands Montets
Snow: Chalky to heavy off piste, pistes firm & scraped
Weather: Cloudy

Day on/day off half days up the hill seem to be working pretty well to keep my ski legs fresh but until more snow arrives it’s not really interesting enough up there to do more than that.

We had a pretty fun afternoon today anyway;… [continue reading]

Marker Kingpin Half-Day Review

Putting the Kingpins to the test on some side-hit landings

Location: Grands Montets
Snow: 5cm fresh/windblown snow
Weather: Cloudy with a few sunny breaks

Barely any new snow and cloudy skies this morning.  I wasn’t going to head up the mountain but glad I did in the end; quiet, fair snow conditions and a good chance to try out my freshly mounted Marker Kingpin bindings for the first time.

A… [continue reading]

Bochard Laps

Angus: The classic early-season-not-much-snow shot

Location: Grands Montets
Snow: Decent pistes, chalky off piste
Weather: Bluebird

Still waiting for a good snowfall to start the winter properly, but it’ll come.  Just a few laps off the Bochard lift today.  Pistes skiing the nicer than I’ve seen them so far this winter, snow base setting up well off piste (but still some rocks lurking) and very… [continue reading]

Glacier Tour

Graham: Full speed

Location: Grands Montets
Snow: 10-15cm powder where untouched
Weather: Some cloud

Just a quick tour to the top of Grands Montets today; about an hour up from the Bochard traverse to the Col des Grands Montets on a pretty good skin track winding around some very open crevasses.

There has been a fair bit of traffic on the glacier but… [continue reading]

And Again

Graham: Finding a soft bit of piste

Location: Grands Montets
Snow: Variable pistes
Weather: Some cloud

More pistes & soft bumps on Grands Montets this lunchtime.  A bit busier than yesterday afternoon and a little firmer on piste but still good to get up and keep the legs working… [continue reading]!

GM Pistes

The right skis for today

Location: Grands Montets
Snow: Softer pistes than last week
Weather: Some light cloud

Still waiting for some proper snowfall (next weekend hopefully) so just some more easy laps on Grands Montets’ pistes today.  Not too busy, softer pistes than last week, and skinnier & sharper skis definitely helped get the most fun from what was available.  Soft semi-moguls beside the… [continue reading]

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