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Col du Belvedere

Josh: Blasting through the slightly heavier snow

Location: Aiguilles Rouges
Snow: 20cm powder, increasingly heavy as we descended
Weather: Overcast, some wind

A bit gloomy today but we went touring anyway with plans to ski the Col de Beaugeant, my favourite descent in the Aiguilles Rouges.  From 10am lifts we were up towards Lac Blanc from Index in good time (Floria lift wasn’t running) where we bumped… [continue reading]

Quick Laps

Scotty: Finding some smooth windblown snow off piste

Location: Brevent/Flegere
Snow: Firm, some windblown
Weather: Flat light, windy, light snowfall

Just a few quick local laps on Brevent & Flegere for Scotty’s last ski day today.  The snow was mostly firm but smooth windblown patches were skiing pretty nicely so trying to spot those in the flat light was the way to go.  Light snowfall above midstation; hopefully… [continue reading]

Spring Park

Sleigh: Top kicker

Location: Le Tour
Snow: Soft spring pistes
Weather: Bluebird, warm

I had a bit of work to catch up on this morning but still had time for some park laps at Le Tour from 1-3.30pm.  I’m still not 100% recovered from my whiplash so thought I’d take it really easy but couldn’t resist a few spins on the top big… [continue reading]

Not Quite One of Those Days

Graham: Finding softer chalky snow beside the Balme cliff faces

Location: La Clusaz
Snow: Firm spring snow, slowly softening
Weather: Light cloud, some wind

A roadtrip to La Clusaz today for a change of scene; I’d only skied it once previously in 2012 and we were keen for a return trip in powder or soft spring conditions.  Unfortunately today’s colder temperatures meant that everything took a while to soften up… [continue reading]

Springtime in Italy

Side-hit onto the piste

Location: Courmayeur
Snow: Spring snow on piste
Weather: Bluebird, warm

Spring is most definitely here.  No new snow in two weeks now and no great reports of easy-access tours, so a classic spring day in Courmayeur was in order.  Pistes were in perfect spring condition and pretty empty so it was full speed all day.  Off piste off the Youla… [continue reading]

Quick & Easy

View from Tete de Balme towards Chamonix and Mont Blanc

Location: Le Tour
Snow: Spring pistes
Weather: Bluebird

Still a little injury recovery to go before I get back into the park or a big tour (hopefully all good after the weekend), so just some piste laps on my GS skis at Le Tour this morning.  Perfect spring piste conditions up there and not much traffic so it was good… [continue reading]

Blasting About

Josh: Avoiding some traffic at high speed on Pierre à Ric

Location: Grands Montets
Snow: Firm on piste, firm/chalky/soft off piste
Weather: Bluebird

A pretty easy morning today just blasting around GM lifts.  Low crowds meant that fast piste laps were the most fun parts of the day.  We got one run off the top as well but the snow was pretty firm and rutted for most of the descent with… [continue reading]

Couloir du Pissoir

Graham: First turn of the descent

Location: Argentiere Basin to Trient
Snow: Sugary/soft/crusty
Weather: Hazy cloud

A little redemption today on the Couloir du Pissoir after failing to take the best approach route last winter.  From surprisingly quiet first bins at Grands Montets we headed across the Argentiere Glacier to climb to Col du Passon, across the Tour Glacier to climb to a col south-east of… [continue reading]

A Stroll in the Park

Jack: 360 truck

Location: Le Tour
Snow: Firm pistes
Weather: Bluebird

Jack’s last day in town today and I’m still hurting from yesterday’s crash (whiplash as it turns out), so just a lazy morning in the park today taking it easy on the kickers and hitting the boxes including the newly-opened up/flat/down.

With a backdrop this good it was nice to alternate between… [continue reading]

Park Got Good

Jack: Grab off the box

Location: Le Tour
Snow: Firm pistes
Weather: Bluebird, some wind

Here it is; Chamonix finally has a good park setup for the first time in years.  The kicker takeoffs and landings have all been made steeper and are riding pretty nicely, although still with some tricky inconsistent speed required throughout the line.  Black takeoffs have been built but I was… [continue reading]

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