Summit Park

The third red kicker in Le Tour's Summit Park

Location: Le Tour
Snow: Soft pistes
Weather: Bluebird, warm

A park day today, my first in almost two years.  I’ve been missing park kickers a little bit even with all of the other ski options around Chamonix; there’s something nice and simple about going to the park, lapping it until you’re tired and going home, compared to a lot of other types of skiing which require some planning and management throughout the day.

The “Summit Park” opened on Le Tour last week instead of the small park at Grands Montets from years past.  At the moment there are 4 red kickers (6-7m), 8 blue kickers (2-5m) plus two boxes open and one of the park crew told me that black kickers will be built soon.  Everything was skiing OK but the landings are far too flat in my opinion and takeoffs a little too flat.  The kickers are a little inconsistent too, even being about the same size their takeoffs are all a little different so it took me a while to get comfortable with my speed on them before trying any spins but I got there.  My first rails (well, boxes) in about 6 years too thanks to new free park skis whose edges I don’t really care about, which felt good.

Hopefully some bigger features get built soon and this will be a nice option in dry spells this year if I have no-one to go touring with.

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