Hike & Ride

Hiking along the Mont Fort ridgeline

Location: Verbier
Snow: Spring snow; some soft, some firm
Weather: Bluebird, warm

A couple of nice spring snow hikes in Verbier today.

One off Mont Fort first; along the ridge for a ski traverse on the front side, steep ski over the back and a bootpack up to the top of a line on the front side which we had spotted from the lift station with only a few tracks on it, for nice spring snow at the top and a little crust lower down.

Then on to the Bec des Rosses where the climb was much more rocky and technical than the last time I did it but still about an hour up.  Snow on the descent was pretty mixed but soft enough to feel confident on the steep entrance to the classic Dogleg Couloir which was holding firmer and more rutted snow itself with some rocks showing meaning a little sidestepping was required, before cutting out right about halfway down to ski a nice face with only a couple of tracks on it and a nice drop and fast turns to exit.

Graham: Ridgeline hike from Mont Fort

Graham: Closing in on the Bec des Rosses peak

Drop to finish our line; redemption for one I fell on in the morning

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