The Leanest Winter

Definitely the highlight of the winter (Barbey Couloir, 27th March)

Well, it’s over now.  This winter has been the warmest and driest in most Chamonix residents’ memories and I skied fewer days than I have in a long long time.  Some storms brought good conditions briefly but skiing less regularly meant than I wasn’t feeling as strong as usual so motivation was pretty low in-between.

At least it was dry enough for some good biking every month and my days on the bike nearly hit double those on skis to make the most of the conditions on offer.

One of the few deeper days of the winter (Helbronner, 13th February)

Plan season didn't last long this winter (Plan de l'Aiguille, 8th March)

A big push up to classic trails, well worth it (Brevent, 3rd April)

A satisfying end to my last run of the winter (<a href="">Verbier, 22nd April</a>)

Hopefully the next six months will be just as warm and dry as the past six for another excellent summer on the bike.

Mini rock roll, just practising for Canada in the autumn (Les Bois, 23rd April)

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