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Cold Shoulder

Graham: Best snow of the day on N facing banks

Location: Aiguille du Midi
Snow: Mostly soft, come crusty
Weather: Bluebird, very cold in the shade

…So cold that we didn’t even make it to the Tacul Shoulder today, but I’m sticking with the post title.

A 7.45am start at the Midi station was perfect to get tokens for the second bin of the day but we ended up on… [continue reading]

A Good Morning

Joel: Top of the couloir off the Pourrie

Location: Brevent
Snow: Slightly heavy, quite sluffy
Weather: Mostly sunny

A nice morning on Brevent today, up early to beat the holiday queues.  A quick skin to the Pourrie first, for slightly heavy & sluffy snow but nice and smooth in the couloir we took back towards the resort.  ENSA couloir next, after spotting only a few tracks going in… [continue reading]


Graham: Doesn't always smile when he's enjoying himself, but I think he is here

Location: Plan de l’Aiguille
Snow: Shallow to moderate powder
Weather: Bluebird, cold

Still a little bit ill (slowly getting better) and with the holiday crowds upon us I wasn’t going to ski this week but glad I did today even just for two quick laps.  Not the deepest snow but lovely and smooth, with a bit of a scratchy exit… [continue reading]


Not the deepest snow, but good enough

Location: Aiguilles Rouges
Snow: Soft & powdery where untouched
Weather: Bluebird above the clouds

Just a quick one on the Pourrie this morning above the clouds.  My lungs were struggling with even the short climb but we still got up ahead of one other pair and a massive group of snowboarders, dropping in towards the Combes de Gliere & Lachenal… [continue reading]

I’m Not Mad, Just Disappointed

View from the top of Le Tour's park

Location: Le Tour
Snow: Perfect pistes
Weather: Sunny but windy

I’m feeling a bit ill today after a nasty week of work, and still not too motivated to ski but thought I would head up to Le Tour for my first proper park laps in almost two years.

After a 100 day winter in 2009/2010 consisting of about 90% pure… [continue reading]

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