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Marker Kingpin Half-Day Review

Putting the Kingpins to the test on some side-hit landings

Location: Grands Montets
Snow: 5cm fresh/windblown snow
Weather: Cloudy with a few sunny breaks

Barely any new snow and cloudy skies this morning.  I wasn’t going to head up the mountain but glad I did in the end; quiet, fair snow conditions and a good chance to try out my freshly mounted Marker Kingpin bindings for the first time.

A… [continue reading]

Flylow Outerwear Review

Flylow is a relatively new ski outerwear brand founded in Colorado with the goal of creating “Freeride apparel for the modern skier” by combining the performance of technical mountaineering clothing with modern freeride features and fit.  This was exactly what I was looking for when shopping for outerwear in autumn 2012 and was stuggling to find from more established brands… [continue reading]

DPS Lotus 120 Spoon Mini-Review

DPS Lotus 120 Spoons (special edition topsheet)

Location: Flegere
Snow: 15-20cm powdery snow in untouched shaded areas, choppy and heavy in tracked sunny areas
Weather: Cloudy clearing to bluebird, warm

Touring plans abandoned today so just an easy few hours with the boys cruising around Flegere as we’ve barely skied there this winter.  The clouds cleared as we got up the hill, temperatures were warm and the… [continue reading]

DPS Wailer 112RP Review

DPS Wailer 112RP ski

Location: Grands Montets
Snow: Soft spring snow
Weather: Bluebird, very warm

The last hot sunny day for the time being, so I got myself up Grands Montets from 12-3pm for some fun cruising on and off-piste in nice soft spring snow.  All of the usual suspects were either working, hungover or doing summer sports (in April?) but I bumped into… [continue reading]

Atomic Automatic Ski Review

Atomic Automatic being put to work in Verbier

When I first heard about the Atomic Automatic in late 2011 it sounded like a pretty interesting ski.  Once I saw it in the flesh at ISPO in early 2012 I was completely sold and pre-ordered a pair right away even though I wouldn’t see them until 9 months later.  After around 40 days on the 193 Automatic this winter… [continue reading]

Ski Reviews: Dynastar Cham 87 & Salomon BBR 7.5

Lorne: Enjoying some pistes on the Cham 87 after figuring out how to weight it

Location: Brevent/Flegere
Snow: Nice firm-ish pistes, some soft pockets in shaded off-piste areas
Weather: Bluebird

Another hungover bluebird day with no new snow, so time to try a couple more skis from Local CHX in the shape of Dynastar’s Cham 87 and Salomon’s BBR 7.5.  These are intermediate “all mountain” skis which I would never consider buying but was interested… [continue reading]

Plum Guide Binding Brakes

Plum Guide brakes

Sorry, no skiing blog posts in the last few days because I’ve been pretty ill.  Some sort of flu I think, possibly brought on by too much skiing last week.  I know, it sucks; letters of sympathy to please.  I’m still not well enough to ski but can at least get some work done now, so today I finished… [continue reading]

Salomon Rocker2 108 Ski Review

Lorne: Popping through a mini pillow line towards St Gervais

Location: Les Houches
Snow: 10-15cm very light fresh powder on a firm base
Weather: Mostly cloudy

Today was another day on which I wouldn’t normally have skied but I ended up having a really fun couple of hours once I got up there, which goes to show you that you can almost always find some good riding if you just… [continue reading]

Atomic Ritual Ski Review

Atomic Ritual: View from Flegere across the Chamonix Valley

Location: Flegere
Snow: Perfect pistes, off-piste crusty up high and heavy lower down
Weather: Mostly cloudy

There has been no significant new snow in a week now so current options are limited to touring, park or just cruising around.  With today’s forecast for cloudy conditions, any touring and park were out of the question so I went for a cruise… [continue reading]

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