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The Leanest Winter

Definitely the highlight of the winter (Barbey Couloir, 27th March)

Well, it’s over now.  This winter has been the warmest and driest in most Chamonix residents’ memories and I skied fewer days than I have in a long long time.  Some storms brought good conditions briefly but skiing less regularly meant than I wasn’t feeling as strong as usual so motivation was pretty low in-between.

At least it was dry… [continue reading]

The Longest Autumn

First ride back home after my Canada trip (Flegere, 31st October)

In recent years autumn has jumped from being my least favourite season of the year to possibly my favourite of all, with nice cool weather, a bit of moisture on the trails and very low crowds making for perfect biking conditions. After returning from Canada I was a little worried that I’d like Chamonix’s natural trails less than before, being… [continue reading]

Canada, Eh?

Upper Angry Pirate; one of my favourite park trails

Oh Canada.  I’m currently sitting in Glasgow after my first “real holiday” since 2008: 17 days spent staying in Whistler with my former Chamonix housemate Rob and hitting some of the best nearby riding spots.  Graham was set to come on the trip too until a nasty wrist injury put him out of action at the start of September; it… [continue reading]


Late-afternoon golden light at the top end of the valley

Ah, September.  Probably my favourite month of the Chamonix summer season, and one of my favourite of the whole year.  Town is a lot quieter with the main summer holiday season & UTMB race week finished, work contracts are coming to an end, the weather is still good and bikes are allowed back on some of the best trails in… [continue reading]

Summer Keeps Rolling

Bike park laps at Le Tour

We’re now more than halfway through the Chamonix summer season and it’s been another really fun one so far.  In past years I would be itching to ski by mid-summer but these days I’m happy to enjoy the biking to its fullest and let the snow come when it comes.

I’ve been riding on my own for a lot of… [continue reading]

Summertime Again

Really fun and flowy trails in Saint Gervais

Once again winter has come and gone, skis and Gore-Tex have been put away and the bikes and shorts have come out.

As the years go by my love of mountain biking grows and grows, and lately I get the feeling that if I had to choose only to ski or bike I’d be tempted to pick biking, with a… [continue reading]

Autumn Biking

Graham: Dropping in from the Aiguillette des Houches

That’s it.  Pretty sure my biking is finally done for the year after the longest and best summer season I’ve ever had, so long in fact that I’ve had to pull a Marty McFly and travel 30 days into the past to make this post so that it gets filed in “Summer 2015” and not “Winter 15/16”, and counting up… [continue reading]

Winding Down & Gearing Up

Graham & Sandy: Big route past Lac d'Anterne

Following my wrist injury in the middle of July I had three weeks off my bike; it could have been worse but still very frustrating not to be able to ride in the peak of summer having been feeling so confident on the bike before the injury.  But with a little physio help and a semi-rigid splint I was back… [continue reading]

Summer Continues

Best ride of the summer, 9-5.30pm for over 6000m vertical descent

Summer has been in full swing for the past eight weeks and has definitely been the hottest I’ve ever seen it so early in the year: 30-35 degrees every single day from the end of June onwards and not a drop of rain until quite recently.  Luckily the lifts have all been running and I’ve been getting some excellent days… [continue reading]

Summer Begins

Lorne: High alpine singletrack, Mont Blanc Massif in the background

It’s six weeks since I last skied and winter seems a distant memory already as I’m fully into my summer routine and loving the early season as much as ever, especially with a new bike built up from a mix of old and new parts which I’m liking even more than I expected.

With no lifts open yet it’s all… [continue reading]

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