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School Holiday Dates 2017/2018

School holidays calendar for February 2018

Nearly time to start thinking about skiing.  Here are the UK and French school holiday dates for the winter ahead… [continue reading].

School Holiday Dates 2016/2017

School holidays, December 2016
Here are the UK and French school holiday dates for the upcoming winter.

School Holiday Dates 15/16

School holiday dates (February 2016)

Here are this winter’s school holiday dates if you want to easily see when town will be busy & quiet this year.  I have only put French & UK dates in but these are the countries which bring the biggest crowds and others will be on similar dates anyway.

As always France is divided into three regions which take their… [continue reading]

School Holiday Dates 14/15

School holiday calendar, February 2015

A few friends have mentioned plans of a visit to Chamonix during winter 14/15 to me already so I’ve been looking up some school holiday dates to figure out the best weeks to visit and avoid.  So here are some calendars that will no doubt be useful to you too whether you’re a Chamonix resident figuring out when you want… [continue reading]

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