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The Leanest Winter

Definitely the highlight of the winter (Barbey Couloir, 27th March)

Well, it’s over now.  This winter has been the warmest and driest in most Chamonix residents’ memories and I skied fewer days than I have in a long long time.  Some storms brought good conditions briefly but skiing less regularly meant than I wasn’t feeling as strong as usual so motivation was pretty low in-between.

At least it was dry… [continue reading]


The highlight of my winter (Mont Buet, 12th April)

Another winter has been and gone for me.  As always, some friends are still skiing up high but it’s that time of year when skiing offers diminishing returns for me and I’m more interested in getting out on my bike.  I’m just back from a good few days’ riding in Finale and now in Glasgow for a week, and looking… [continue reading]

It’s All Over

Lorne: Finding a nice little line off a classic ski tour descent (Aiguilles Rouges, 12th February)

My winter is well and truly over now, after more biking than skiing in the final two weeks of lifts, and since returning from a quick trip to Glasgow with my new mountain bike last week I’ve been fully in summer mode.

Looking back on the winter it definitely couldn’t be called a “good” snow year; although I started earlier… [continue reading]

And I’m Done

Lorne: Loving the first real powder of the winter (Courmayeur, 3rd January)

That’s my skiing finished for the winter.  The Midi remains open through summer but I’m not fancying anything up there and am now fully in summer mode with my shorts on, hair cut and my first bike ride of the year already in the bag.

Overall it’s been another good winter here.  December was a slow start with not much… [continue reading]

That’s It, That’s All

Most fun ski tour of the winter (Col Du Passon variation, 26th January)

Well, after 89 days on the hill my skiing is now finished for the winter.  A lot of rain is falling in town this week but in these warm temperatures only the top of the Midi will be getting snow, so the only complete runs will be those on the north face which really don’t interest me.  So it’s time… [continue reading]

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