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Cold Shoulder

Graham: Best snow of the day on N facing banks

Location: Aiguille du Midi
Snow: Mostly soft, come crusty
Weather: Bluebird, very cold in the shade

…So cold that we didn’t even make it to the Tacul Shoulder today, but I’m sticking with the post title.

A 7.45am start at the Midi station was perfect to get tokens for the second bin of the day but we ended up on… [continue reading]


Andy: Deep in the exit couloir

Location: Aiguille du Midi
Snow: 30cm powder, some firm, some crusty
Weather: Sun & clouds, windy up high

Probably my last ski day of the winter today.  I wasn’t even going to ski but when a plan of West Couloir came together last night (another classic route I’ve not got round to skiing yet), I thought why not.  The plan… [continue reading]

Capucin Couloir

Longer turns in the second half of the couloir

Location: Aiguille du Midi
Snow: 30-40cm powder
Weather: Bluebird, cold

I only have a week of skiing left this winter as I’m going to Finale for a few days’ biking next Thursday before heading to Glasgow for a week.  So only a few good weather days left to get some good final descents in.  Today: Capucin Couloir on the NE… [continue reading]

Quick Envers

The best snow of the day on this bank

Location: Aiguille du Midi
Snow: Mixed
Weather: Bluebird, warming up fast

Graham and I headed up the Midi early this morning to have a look at some north facing lines, fully equipped but with doubt already in our heads, but we thought we should at least take a look.  I’m not desperate to repeat the Col du Plan descent after… [continue reading]

Decent Snow, Rubbish Vis

Graham: Heavier but good towards the Salle a Manger

Location: Aiguille du Midi
Snow: 15-20cm powder up high, very wet low down
Weather: Inside clouds

A bit of new snow overnight and hopefully decent weather late this morning so we had plans to ski something off the Periades from first bins.  Unfortunately first lifts were delayed to 9.30am and the clouds stayed in but we still got a decent… [continue reading]

Para Face

Jan: Heading down the Para Face in perfect conditions

Location: Aiguille du Midi
Snow: Chalky & tracked then soft & tracked then 25cm powder
Weather: Bluebird

The Para Face descent from the old Midi lift top station consistently provides some of the best turns of the winter, and today was no exception.  Off 10am lifts we headed in via Glacier Rond (my first time in 4 years); a bit… [continue reading]

Gros Rognon

Smooth chalky snow on the main descent

Location: Aiguille du Midi
Snow: Chalky then crusty then spring snow
Weather: Hazy cloud, warm

A quick run off the Midi today for my first time this winter before February holiday crowds arrive next week.  Nice smooth chalky snow on the Gros Rognon route without too many other tracks and only two other ski groups, a little crusty at the… [continue reading]

Col du Plan

Lorne: Tight & steep but feeling good in the couloir (photo: Ben Tibbetts)

Location: Aiguille du Midi
Snow: Mostly 20-25cm powder, some thinner scratchy sections
Weather: Hazy cloud

I’ve been fairly vocal of my lack of interest in skiing any of the trophy lines on the high-consequence terrain of the Aiguille du Midi’s north face since finding my feet in Chamonix (see this Camptocamp climbing guide for an idea) …but also known to… [continue reading]

Springtime On The Midi

Rob, Bouch: Heading towards Grand Envers from the Midi Arete

Location: Aiguille du Midi
Snow: Mostly soft, deep spring snow; heavy low down
Weather: Hazy cloud

A nice lazy start today for a 1pm Midi lap, heading down the Grand Envers for my first time in two years.

Most of the lift traffic was sightseers so we only saw two other skiers on our main descent, nice and relaxed.  The… [continue reading]

A Day Of Two Halves

Luke, Ginge: Bumpy but softer lower down

Location: Aiguille du Midi/Brevent/Flegere
Snow: Refrozen ruts then spring moguls (Midi), spring snow/slush (Brevent/Flegere)
Weather: Hazy cloud, hot

Ginge is back in town this week but only free for one day’s skiing today (his first and only of the winter) after spending a few days and nights up the mountain on a climbing mission, and without touring gear, so we… [continue reading]

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