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Barbey Couloir

Alex: The most fun section of the descent

Location: Argentiere Basin
Snow: Boot-top powder where it mattered
Weather: Bluebird

Excellent conditions in Barbey Couloir today off the back side of the Aiguille d’Argentiere.  A little firm at the top but once through the rock choke the snow was near-perfect boot-top powder, just a little sluffy but nothing to worry us much.  Steep but not scary-steep; very fun.  The… [continue reading]

Y Couloir

Graham: Finding the entrance to Y Couloir

Location: Argentiere Basin
Snow: Very firm & rutted at the top, softening lower
Weather: Bluebird, some wind

Graham and I headed up the Aiguille d’Argentiere to try to find good snow in the skier’s-right branch of Y Couloir today, but nae luck.  Very firm snow in the first half of the branch with horrible ruts, softening just a little lower… [continue reading]


Home on the Argentiere Glacier

Location: Argentiere Basin
Snow: Mostly soft and deep
Weather: Bluebird

Very tired legs today; maybe stretching is a good idea after all.  Something in the Argentiere Basin was the plan and I was pretty sure I would bail but thought I’d go out for a bit of a skin anyway and maybe part way up a route.

Off early lifts… [continue reading]

Couloir du Pissoir

Graham: First turn of the descent

Location: Argentiere Basin to Trient
Snow: Sugary/soft/crusty
Weather: Hazy cloud

A little redemption today on the Couloir du Pissoir after failing to take the best approach route last winter.  From surprisingly quiet first bins at Grands Montets we headed across the Argentiere Glacier to climb to Col du Passon, across the Tour Glacier to climb to a col south-east of… [continue reading]

Touring School

Martin, Ian: Heading up the Argentiere Basin

Location: Argentiere Basin
Snow: Soft but shallow spring snow
Weather: Bluebird, warm

Back up the Basin today for Martin’s first ever ski tour.  After some delays and faffing (all part of the game Martin) we got up top and down onto the glacier for about 10.30am but no big deal for today’s plan.  With some gear and skinning tips handed… [continue reading]

Right Good

Lorne: Safely straying from the existing tracks for a few dream turns

Location: Argentiere Basin
Snow: Mostly soft & smooth
Weather: Bluebird, cold in the shade

I think low expectations are the way to go this winter; another one of those days today where I went out not expecting much but conditions blew me away.  Touring on the sunny side of the Argentiere Basin was the decision for a nice sunny outing… [continue reading]

Chevalier Couloir

Graham: Nearing the end of Chevalier Couloir (Argentiere Glacier in the background)

Location: Grands Montets
Snow: Bumpy & rutted where skied, nice spring snow in untouched areas
Weather: Hazy cloud, warm

Just a few more days of skiing left in the Chamonix valley, but while many people are putting their skis away and fixing up their bikes, I’m still getting out there for whatever is available (and fixing up my bike in… [continue reading]

NE Face Of The Courtes

Graham: Finding some nice boot-top powder halfway down

Location: Argentiere Basin
Snow: Some scraped/sluffed, some chalky snow, some boot-top powder
Weather: Bluebird, warm

After a big day of web design work yesterday and barely any food I wasn’t exactly feeling full of energy this morning, but had taken Graham up on his plan last night of skiing the NE face of the Courtes and figured I could bail… [continue reading]

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