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A Good Morning

Joel: Top of the couloir off the Pourrie

Location: Brevent
Snow: Slightly heavy, quite sluffy
Weather: Mostly sunny

A nice morning on Brevent today, up early to beat the holiday queues.  A quick skin to the Pourrie first, for slightly heavy & sluffy snow but nice and smooth in the couloir we took back towards the resort.  ENSA couloir next, after spotting only a few tracks going in… [continue reading]

Xmas Pistes

Keeping it oldschool today on the vintage skis

Location: Brevent/Flegere
Snow: Soft/spring snow pistes
Weather: Mostly sunny, warm

No new snow in a while but nice to get out for a few sunny piste laps today to celebrate Santa’s birthday, mostly on Flegere with fewer crowds than expected… [continue reading].

Quick Laps

Scotty: Finding some smooth windblown snow off piste

Location: Brevent/Flegere
Snow: Firm, some windblown
Weather: Flat light, windy, light snowfall

Just a few quick local laps on Brevent & Flegere for Scotty’s last ski day today.  The snow was mostly firm but smooth windblown patches were skiing pretty nicely so trying to spot those in the flat light was the way to go.  Light snowfall above midstation; hopefully… [continue reading]


Graham: Dropping into couloir number two

Location: Brevent
Snow: 20cm powder/fresh snow
Weather: Overcast

Another day cut short thanks to my back problems, but at least I got out for two good runs and managed to get some photos.

One tree couloir down from midstation level first for good snow all the way until joining the homerun piste which had one old avalanche path to cross,… [continue reading]

Local Lunch Laps

Can't see much from here, that includes the queues

Location: Brevent
Snow: Soft & tracked
Weather: Cloudy

Just a few laps up Brevent on lunch today as I’m back doing doing some driving a few days a week now that the holiday crowds have rolled into town.  Sadly the clouds had closed in by the time I got up and the Cornu didn’t open until I was heading home… [continue reading]

Lunch Laps

Graham: Classic Hotel Face shot

Location: Brevent
Snow: 30cm powder, baked on south aspects
Weather: Bluebird, warm

Just a few laps on the local hill for lunch today.  I had a couple of runs off Cornu to check things out before Graham got up, finding heavy & baked snow on the south aspects through the Keyhole but good snow on east faces under Cornu ridge’s… [continue reading]

Better Than Expected

Jim: Slash with a backdrop

Location: Brevent/Flegere
Snow: 20cm powder
Weather: Hazy cloud

No big expectations today but it was a fun one.  Jonny and his pals are in town for a well-timed couple of weeks’ riding and we headed up Brevent early to check things out.  The top bin wasn’t open to skiers but there was still plenty of fun terrain to play on… [continue reading]

A Day Of Two Halves

Luke, Ginge: Bumpy but softer lower down

Location: Aiguille du Midi/Brevent/Flegere
Snow: Refrozen ruts then spring moguls (Midi), spring snow/slush (Brevent/Flegere)
Weather: Hazy cloud, hot

Ginge is back in town this week but only free for one day’s skiing today (his first and only of the winter) after spending a few days and nights up the mountain on a climbing mission, and without touring gear, so we… [continue reading]

Resort Laps

Martin: Traversing to Hotel Face

Location: Brevent/Flegere
Snow: Soft everywhere, sometimes a bit choppy, good pistes
Weather: Bluebird

No-one to tour with today so Martin and I had planned a Midi lap at lunchtime.  But… the Midi had been closed for an hour with “Info at 12pm” announced.  Not sure if it would actually reopen we headed up Flegere instead and across to Brevent for… [continue reading]

More Slush

Alex: Slushy takeoff with a nice view

Location: Brevent/Flegere
Snow: Soft/slushy
Weather: Mostly sunny, warm

I’ve been suffering with a nasty bug for the past few days (my fault, it seems 48 hours isn’t enough time to give ill friends to recover before hanging out with them), but wanted to get up the mountain for some easy skiing anyway.

Up Brevent and across to Flegere at 12.30pm… [continue reading]

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