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Rob: First run of the day

Location: Bruson
Snow: 25-30cm powder
Weather: Mostly sunny

Finally: a decent topup of snow yesterday daytime, so a good reason to hit Bruson today for the first time this winter.  The area is definitely seeing a bit more traffic than it did a few years ago so yesterday’s snow was a little tracked first thing this morning but we still… [continue reading]

Short One In Bruson

Ginge: Nice pillows, even nicer outfit & ski colour coordination

Location: Bruson
Snow: 20cm powder, wetter and heavier low down as the day went on
Weather: Overcast, some snowfall

Warm temperatures have hit us, so deciding where to ski today was simply a choice of where was looking coldest.  Switzerland was the call, so we drove through early this morning to see how things looked then make a plan, and… [continue reading]

Back To The Bruson

Lorne: Pillow takeoff

Location: Bruson
Snow: Some windpacked, some 20cm powder, some heavy
Weather: Overcast, some light snowfall, some wind

Poor weather again today, so back to Bruson to explore a bit more and hopefully still find some soft snow.  Visibility was a bit better than it was on Sunday so we managed to traverse really far skier’s-right off the back of the… [continue reading]

Bruson, As Good As Always

Location: Bruson
Snow: 25-30cm new powder on a variable base
Weather: Steady light snowfall, poor visibility

Bruson: a little-known ski area about an hour’s drive from Chamonix but one that should definitely be more well known.  It’s part of Verbier’s 4 Valleys network and the new access gondola from the Le Chable station gets you up to the main chairlift… [continue reading]

Bruson Delivers

Lorne: Dropping a lip in Bruson

Location: Bruson
Snow: 15-20cm two-day-old fresh light powder on a firm base
Weather: Mostly overcast, some sun, some snow

It was a tough decision for where to ski today following two of the best days of the year.  We could have headed back to Courmayeur to hope that the top lifts opened, taken a chance of good visibility on GM,… [continue reading]

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