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Champex Lac

Graham: Amazing snow on our last run

Location: Champex Lac
Snow: 25cm powder
Weather: Bluebird, windy

Lots of options for where to ski today but Champex won out in the end to make the most of the good snow straight off the lifts.  Things weren’t quite as deep as we had hoped for, and a little tracked from the past few days in the obvious lines but… [continue reading]

Deep & Good

Rob: Deep & good

Location: Champex Lac
Snow: 40cm powder
Weather: Sun then cloud then snow

Lots more snow yesterday evening so we left the Chamonix Valley again today.  Location: Champex Lac.

After a few warm-up runs the main access piste opened and we lapped our favourite tree areas for pillows, drops and tight gullies all covered in excellent untouched powder since the access… [continue reading]

Same Again Please

Fulton: All smiles at the bottom of the powder face we traversed to

Location: Champex Lac
Snow: 20-25cm powder, some wind-affected, some slight sun crust on sunny slopes
Weather: Mostly sun, some wind

Back to Champex today; so nice I skied it twice.  We took touring kit to explore a little and warmed up with runs left and right of the chairlift, still finding light untouched boot-top powder easily even though it hasn’t… [continue reading]

Champex Lac

Josh: Skier's-right of the chairlift

Location: Champex Lac
Snow: 20-25cm light powder, quite sluffy in steeper sections
Weather: Sun & thin cloud

Poor lift systems, tricky terrain, unfriendly staff and crowds battling for fresh snow.  These all suck, but luckily we were in Champex Lac today where none of these apply.

After a delayed start thanks to Officer Bawbag and Sargeant Knobhead at the Swiss… [continue reading]

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