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Back on It

Graham: Very nice shallow but smooth powder in the untracked areas

Location: Courmayeur
Snow: Mixed; shallow powder where untracked
Weather: Bluebird

My ski motivation has been at an all time low lately thanks to combination of holiday crowds, warm weather and lots of work but it was very nice to get back out today for a classic day in Italy.  The snow wasn’t the deepest and the tracked areas were pretty… [continue reading]

Game On

Roddy: A facial expression is worth a thousand words

Location: Helbronner/Courmayeur
Snow: Deep powder, some windslab
Weather: Steady snow/sleet, humid

Very nice in Italy today, and a good decision as it looks like not much opened in the Chamonix valley.  Three laps of the Helbronner lowers then four or five in the Val Veny trees once the lift opened, finding good deep untracked powder all day with surprisingly low… [continue reading]

Surprise Surprise

The best snow on shaded slopes of the Toule Glacier

Location: Helbronner & Courmayeur
Snow: Deep powder in the shade, heavy in the sun
Weather: Sun & cloud

It’s entirely fair to say that winter 16/17 has been totally shit so far in Chamonix.  I’ve had less than 10 ski days so far instead of my usual 35-40 by this time of year, and with warm temperatures and school holidays… [continue reading]

Courmayeur Opening Day

Courmayeur does pretty good views

Location: Courmayeur
Snow: Fresh dense snow, rain crust below 2200m
Weather: Hazy cloud then sun

This week’s foehn wind has given us warm, dry weather in the Chamonix valley but on the Italian side of Mont Blanc there was a good amount of snowfall, just in time for Courmayeur’s opening day today.  Crowds were low (thanks for staying home everyone),… [continue reading]

Springtime in Italy

Side-hit onto the piste

Location: Courmayeur
Snow: Spring snow on piste
Weather: Bluebird, warm

Spring is most definitely here.  No new snow in two weeks now and no great reports of easy-access tours, so a classic spring day in Courmayeur was in order.  Pistes were in perfect spring condition and pretty empty so it was full speed all day.  Off piste off the Youla… [continue reading]

Back in Italy

Plenty of untouched snow in the trees

Location: Courmayeur
Snow: 30-40cm powder
Weather: Cloud and sun

Back to Courmayeur again for another classic powder day after hearing some good reports from a friend yesterday, joined by Graham’s Glencoe ski pal Roddy and his brother Jamie – nice to show them around the spots we’ve come to love over the past few years and a few nice pizza… [continue reading]


Graham: Pillow shifty

Location: Helbronner & Courmayeur
Snow: 40-50cm powder
Weather: Cloud and sun

There was only one place on our minds for today’s skiing: Courmayeur.  Through to Val Veny for 9am the lift wasn’t open yet so rather than wait it out we headed up the new Helbronner Skyway lift for the first time, thinking that we would be battling traffic but… [continue reading]

Race Skis In Italy

Fleur: Nice piste, nice backdrop

Location: Courmayeur
Snow: Soft pistes
Weather: Bluebird

Just pistes today, through in Italy for better pistes than anywhere in the Chamonix Valley and on my new (second hand) GS skis for the first time to make things interesting.  Soft pistes, low crowds, fine weather and a couple of cappuccino breaks made for a nice relaxed day.

The skis were a… [continue reading]

Val Veny Trees

Graham: Pillows

Location: Courmayeur
Snow: 40cm powder
Weather: Light cloud

Italy today as a safe option instead of trying the road to Switzerland again. A classic day, only lapping the Val Veny trees just like I used to do in my first few years of skiing Courmayeur.

The snow was deep, the crowds were low and we found a few new tree… [continue reading]

Got It Right Again

Alex: Huck of the season, not quite landed but we'll give him it!

Location: Courmayeur
Snow: 35-40cm powder
Weather: Cloudy clearing to bluebird

Back to Courmayeur today in hope of deep snow and sunny skies.  And that’s pretty much what we got.

A couple of laps on our favourite tree areas to start with while the clouds were still lurking; very good in the main parts, a little scratchy to exit but worth… [continue reading]

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