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Col De La Terrasse

Approaching the Loriaz Chalets

Location: Loriaz
Snow: Mixed 20cm powder & sun crust
Weather: Sunny then cloudy

A quick kind-of-local tour today rather than deal with lift tickets and weekend crowds.  Up 700m on the snowshoe trail to the Chalets de Loriaz then another 600m up to Col de la Terrasse for my first time.  We weren’t sure if the snow would be OK… [continue reading]

Barberine Couloir

Alex: Dropping into the guts of the couloir

Location: Loriaz
Snow: Mostly powdery, some firm
Weather: Bluebird

Touring season continues with more fine weather today.  We’re still not totally sure of the snowpack, especially with yesterday’s strong winds to consider, so finding something good and safe took a little bit of work but we settled on Barberine Couloir last night figuring that the steep, high walls wouldn’t allow… [continue reading]


Colin: Finally catching a break in the clouds above the Loriaz Chalets

Location: Loriaz
Snow: 20cm powder
Weather: Thick cloud with sunny spells

More touring today with sunny spells forecast.  Things were looking very gloomy on our early start but we headed up to Loriaz anyway (off the left side of the road between Le Buet and Vallorcine) to see what we could find.  I’ve only been up there once before in… [continue reading]

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