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I’m Not Mad, Just Disappointed

View from the top of Le Tour's park

Location: Le Tour
Snow: Perfect pistes
Weather: Sunny but windy

I’m feeling a bit ill today after a nasty week of work, and still not too motivated to ski but thought I would head up to Le Tour for my first proper park laps in almost two years.

After a 100 day winter in 2009/2010 consisting of about 90% pure… [continue reading]

Park Day Cancelled

View from the top of Le Tour's Summit Park

Location: Le Tour
Snow: Mixed on piste
Weather: Bluebird, some wind

I was fancying my first park day in a long time today, but nae luck.  Half the park was closed for an unpublicised kids’ comp and the rest was firm, rutted and poorly shaped.  Home for a bike ride after one run… [continue reading].

Firm in the Park

Kickers all to myself early in the morning

Location: Le Tour
Snow: Very firm pistes, suddenly softening around noon
Weather: Bluebird, colder

I had high hopes of a really good day in Le Tour park today but sadly the snow and shaping disappointed me a little, although it was really nice to have the main line literally to myself until 10.30am.

With cold temperatures last night I knew… [continue reading]

Hot Laps

Graham: Backflip without warning, standard

Location: Le Tour
Snow: Very soft pistes
Weather: Overcast, very warm

Not much more than an hour in the park on lunch today.  Very, very soft snow and flat light so not many spins on the kickers but the rails are still riding well… [continue reading].


My favourite rail today

Location: Le Tour
Snow: Very soft spring pistes
Weather: Overcast

A quick morning in the park today; soft spring snow first thing and a bit too soft by 11.30am so it was mostly about the rails, getting a few tricks back on them all and I was loving the first flat rail with the drop off, just a shame that… [continue reading]

Spring Park

Sleigh: Top kicker

Location: Le Tour
Snow: Soft spring pistes
Weather: Bluebird, warm

I had a bit of work to catch up on this morning but still had time for some park laps at Le Tour from 1-3.30pm.  I’m still not 100% recovered from my whiplash so thought I’d take it really easy but couldn’t resist a few spins on the top big… [continue reading]

A Stroll in the Park

Jack: 360 truck

Location: Le Tour
Snow: Firm pistes
Weather: Bluebird

Jack’s last day in town today and I’m still hurting from yesterday’s crash (whiplash as it turns out), so just a lazy morning in the park today taking it easy on the kickers and hitting the boxes including the newly-opened up/flat/down.

With a backdrop this good it was nice to alternate between… [continue reading]

Park Got Good

Jack: Grab off the box

Location: Le Tour
Snow: Firm pistes
Weather: Bluebird, some wind

Here it is; Chamonix finally has a good park setup for the first time in years.  The kicker takeoffs and landings have all been made steeper and are riding pretty nicely, although still with some tricky inconsistent speed required throughout the line.  Black takeoffs have been built but I was… [continue reading]


Red/black kickers under construction on the left, start of the blue line on the right

Location: Le Tour
Snow: Soft pistes
Weather: Hazy cloud, some wind, cold

With town busy and lots of work on I’ll probably only get three days’ skiing this week so I mixed things up with some easy park laps this morning at Le Tour.  The access gondola queue was pretty big at 9am but no waiting at all on the… [continue reading]

More Park

Angus: Spinning the first kicker

Location: Le Tour
Snow: Soft pistes
Weather: Hazy cloud, warm

Another relaxed and fun few laps in the park today.  Red kicker takeoffs have improved a little from earlier in the week, there’s one new kicker in the making and lots of new rails ready to be installed… [continue reading].

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