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Graham: Doesn't always smile when he's enjoying himself, but I think he is here

Location: Plan de l’Aiguille
Snow: Shallow to moderate powder
Weather: Bluebird, cold

Still a little bit ill (slowly getting better) and with the holiday crowds upon us I wasn’t going to ski this week but glad I did today even just for two quick laps.  Not the deepest snow but lovely and smooth, with a bit of a scratchy exit… [continue reading]

Same Again Please

Getting low

Location: Plan de l’Aiguille
Snow: Deep powder
Weather: Mostly sunny

Two laps on the right side of the Plan again.  Very nice again.  I’m very busy with various work at the moment so I’ll let the photos do the talking… [continue reading].

Lunch Plan

Colin: Second lap

Location: Plan de l’Aiguille
Snow: Deep powder, some rocks
Weather: Light snow

Just a couple of quick laps on the right side of the Plan today.  Good snow, good exit.  Very nice… [continue reading].

Tis the Season

Powder turn overlooking Chamonix town

Location: Plan de l’Aiguille
Snow: Deep powder, heavier lower
Weather: Overcast

South African Alex is in town, so as always that means that the Plan has come into excellent condition.

Three laps skier’s-left today for a change, exploring a bit further for amazing untracked gullies, plenty of natural kickers and excellent landings.  Well worth a bit of bushwhacking to return… [continue reading]

One Each Side

Wet faceshots skier's-left of the lift station

Location: Plan de l’Aiguille
Snow: Fresh, very heavy lower
Weather: Cloudy, warm, light snow/rain

Pretty nice on Plan de l’Aiguille today on one lap each side of the lift station.  Decent fresh snow without too many tracks, starting off a little heavy and ending incredibly heavy & sticky, and the exits & 4×4 track OK with just a little walking… [continue reading]

One More

Graham: Pillow shifty

Location: Plan de l’Aiguille
Snow: 35cm powder
Weather: Cloudy but bright

Just one big lap off the Midi Plan again on lunch, but a really fun one.  Nice to ski with Colin for the first time this winter, especially as he had logged GPS coordinates of a new pillow area he spotted for us yesterday.  Plenty of untouched snow, fun… [continue reading]

Two Runs

Very nice in the woods lower down

Location: Plan de l’Aiguille
Snow: 35cm powder
Weather: Sunny

My back is feeling stronger every day now.  I had a lot of work on today so wasn’t going to ski but with much finer weather than expected how could I say no to a couple of Midi Plan laps on lunch with Graham?

The crowds were low, the snow was… [continue reading]

One Run

Graham: Setting off from the traverse track

Location: Plan de l’Aiguille
Snow: 25cm powder
Weather: Cloudy

My first ski in a while, having given my back enough time to rest and having seen a physio.  It’s not quite at 100% yet but good enough for a quick ski today.

There was decent snow skier’s-right off a low traverse track, hitting the base occasionally and some snow sliding… [continue reading]

Lunchtime Touring

Rob, Graham: Approaching the Aiguille de l'M

Location: Plan de l’Aiguille
Snow: 15-20cm powder, heavy lower down
Weather: Bluebird

A quick lunchtime tour today in more perfect weather with no-one else around (only two skiers today, on a different route).

From Plan de l’Aiguille we took the existing traverse track a fair way across then skinned towards the base of the Aiguille de l’M for about 25… [continue reading]

Plan x2

Graham: Getting loose on the second lap

Location: Plan de l’Aiguille
Snow: Mostly 25cm powder, some slightly wind-affected, some rocks
Weather: Bluebird but cold in the shade

Feeling better today, just a bit tired, but with bluer skies than forecast I had to get at least a few runs in again so up to the Midi Plan for a couple of morning laps.

The Midi lifts had… [continue reading]

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