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Graham: Doesn't always smile when he's enjoying himself, but I think he is here

Location: Plan de l’Aiguille
Snow: Shallow to moderate powder
Weather: Bluebird, cold

Still a little bit ill (slowly getting better) and with the holiday crowds upon us I wasn’t going to ski this week but glad I did today even just for two quick laps.  Not the deepest snow but lovely and smooth, with a bit of a scratchy exit… [continue reading]

Back on It

Graham: Very nice shallow but smooth powder in the untracked areas

Location: Courmayeur
Snow: Mixed; shallow powder where untracked
Weather: Bluebird

My ski motivation has been at an all time low lately thanks to combination of holiday crowds, warm weather and lots of work but it was very nice to get back out today for a classic day in Italy.  The snow wasn’t the deepest and the tracked areas were pretty… [continue reading]

Same Again Please

Getting low

Location: Plan de l’Aiguille
Snow: Deep powder
Weather: Mostly sunny

Two laps on the right side of the Plan again.  Very nice again.  I’m very busy with various work at the moment so I’ll let the photos do the talking… [continue reading].

Lunch Plan

Colin: Second lap

Location: Plan de l’Aiguille
Snow: Deep powder, some rocks
Weather: Light snow

Just a couple of quick laps on the right side of the Plan today.  Good snow, good exit.  Very nice… [continue reading].

Flegere Powder

Further down the Lachenal couloir

Location: Flegere
Snow: Moderate/deep powder
Weather: Sunny then hazy cloud

Excellent conditions on Flegere this morning with Index open for the first time this winter.  Crowds were pretty low and the snow seems to be stabilising well, although there were still a few rocks lurking just under the surface… [continue reading].

Getting Deeper

Pretty easy to find untracked snow today

Location: Grands Montets
Snow: Moderate powder on a good base, heavy below 2000m
Weather: Moderate snowfall

Deeper snow today on Grands Montets and surprisingly few people out enjoying it, making it very easy to take quick laps of the Tabé chairlift.  We tried a traverse from the Marmottons chairlift towards the Lognan Refuge but poor visibility was making for frustrating… [continue reading]


Kathryn: A little piste-side powder

Location: Les Houches
Snow: Shallow powder on a good base
Weather: Heavy snowfall, some wind

I probably wouldn’t have skied today if I didn’t have a friend visiting but pretty glad that I did get out for a few hours in the morning.  Not many lifts were running but crowds were also less than I had imagined they would be… [continue reading]

Barbey Couloir

Alex: The most fun section of the descent

Location: Argentiere Basin
Snow: Boot-top powder where it mattered
Weather: Bluebird

Excellent conditions in Barbey Couloir today off the back side of the Aiguille d’Argentiere.  A little firm at the top but once through the rock choke the snow was near-perfect boot-top powder, just a little sluffy but nothing to worry us much.  Steep but not scary-steep; very fun.  The… [continue reading]

Tis the Season

Powder turn overlooking Chamonix town

Location: Plan de l’Aiguille
Snow: Deep powder, heavier lower
Weather: Overcast

South African Alex is in town, so as always that means that the Plan has come into excellent condition.

Three laps skier’s-left today for a change, exploring a bit further for amazing untracked gullies, plenty of natural kickers and excellent landings.  Well worth a bit of bushwhacking to return… [continue reading]

Game On

Roddy: A facial expression is worth a thousand words

Location: Helbronner/Courmayeur
Snow: Deep powder, some windslab
Weather: Steady snow/sleet, humid

Very nice in Italy today, and a good decision as it looks like not much opened in the Chamonix valley.  Three laps of the Helbronner lowers then four or five in the Val Veny trees once the lift opened, finding good deep untracked powder all day with surprisingly low… [continue reading]

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