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Hike & Ride

Hiking along the Mont Fort ridgeline

Location: Verbier
Snow: Spring snow; some soft, some firm
Weather: Bluebird, warm

A couple of nice spring snow hikes in Verbier today.

One off Mont Fort first; along the ridge for a ski traverse on the front side, steep ski over the back and a bootpack up to the top of a line on the front side which we had… [continue reading]

Family Day Out

Roslyn: Returning towards Verbier from Thyon

Location: Verbier
Snow: Good & firm then good & soft on piste
Weather: Sunny then light cloud

My mum, dad and sister are in town for the week, and as I’ve always said that Chamonix is pretty terrible for intermediate skiers we headed to Verbier for their first day’s skiing, somewhere I’ve always thought they would like for a holiday… [continue reading]


Rob: Dropping in off Chassoure

Location: Verbier
Snow: Pistes good to firm, off piste variable
Weather: Cloudy then sunny

Not much snow fell yesterday so we headed to Verbier today to make the most of what we could find, or just cruise around the pistes if there wasn’t much on offer.

The pistes were skiing pretty well, not too busy and in pretty good condition… [continue reading]

Cloudy Resort Day

Colin, Rob, Sandy, Laurent: Returning to town

Location: Verbier
Snow: Firm pistes, rough off-piste
Weather: Overcast & windy

Still waiting for the snow to really hit Chamonix, so back to Verbier today for what we hoped would be some nice sunny resort laps.  Unfortunately the weather turned out far worse than forecast, starting cloudy and ending up completely overcast and a bit windy.  Still, some good fun… [continue reading]

Getting There

Kev, Angus, Rob: Off-piste access above the clouds

Location: Verbier
Snow: Pistes excellent with some bumps/ice; off-piste variable
Weather: Sunny & cold above the clouds

The slow start to winter 2014/2015 continues with no significant snowfall anywhere near Chamonix in the past few weeks.  A slow start suits me fine at the moment as I’ve had a lot of work on but things are settling down now and… [continue reading]

Early Start

Graham: Best snow of the day off the Funispace cat track

Location: Verbier
Snow: Decent on piste, 10cm powder off piste with some crust and lots of rocks
Weather: Bluebird

Not the earliest start to a morning’s skiing but the earliest in the year I’ve skied since Hintertux in 2009.  I’m not totally ready for winter yet but with a few of Verbier’s lifts open on weekends from today and a… [continue reading]

Just Pistes

Graham: Full speed on the best piste of the day down to Les Masses

Location: Verbier
Snow: Soft to slushy pistes
Weather: Bluebird, warm

With the current snow conditions, well-groomed pistes are the best bet for a fun & relaxed day.  No chance of finding those around Chamonix though, so we headed to Verbier today for a full day cruising the wide, well-maintained pistes and excellent lift system, covering pretty much of the whole… [continue reading]

Good In Switzerland

Lorne: Always call “last run”; little drop on the way home (Funispace)

Location: Verbier
Snow: 20-30cm powder, lightly tracked but still skiing well
Weather: Overcast breaking to mostly sun

A decision over where to ski was required again last night with snow forecast overnight then breaking to sun by the afternoon.  While most friends were heading to the Midi or Italy I wanted to get through to Verbier for the first time… [continue reading]

Bec Des Rosses

Lorne: Near the top of the descent on one of the steeper pitches

Location: Verbier
Snow: Mostly scraped & sluffed, some softer patches, some spring snow
Weather: Bluebird, warm

More nice spring weather was forecast for today and there was talk of a trip to Verbier ahead of it’s all-too-early closing this weekend.  I was keen for some easy piste cruising but Graham had set his sights on the Bec Des Rosses which… [continue reading]

Nay Bad In Switzerland

Graham: Making easy work of the bumps under the powder (Funispace)

Location: Verbier
Snow: 10-15cm light powder on a firm base
Weather: Bluebird, cold

The Midi seems to have the only good easy-access snow in Chamonix at the moment so Graham and I headed through to Verbier today to try to find some good skiing.  It turned out to be pretty nice, and the change of scene was definitely welcome.

We… [continue reading]

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